Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your members?

CouncilONE members are experienced professionals who provide a diverse range of business-to-business consulting and advisory services to business owners, corporate professionals, industry executives, and entrepreneurs. Our members are well regarded in their fields and have a high level of competency in their respective areas of expertise. Click here to search our members.

What is the value of membership?

In addition to referrals and increased business opportunities, CouncilONE members develop an expanded network of experienced, trusted advisors to call upon when they need specialized resources to meet their client's needs. Our members become better informed and more solutions-oriented when discussing business strategies due to the relationships and information they cultivate with their CouncilONE membership.

How do I become a member?

After attending up to two group meetings as a guest you may apply to join. The leadership team from the group you ask to join will review your application, ask for input from members who have interacted with you, ensure you meet our membership criteria, and are well thought of by members of the group where you are applying to join. 

If I join, does my company become a member?

Only individuals are members of CouncilONE regardless of whether they are independent business consultants, have their own firms, or work for larger companies. However, this does not preclude a member’s company from paying for the annual membership dues.

What does it cost to be a member of CouncilONE?

Membership costs $700 per year and is due in full upon approval of the application. This fee includes the cost of all group meetings and most social events. There is a one time, non-refundable $50 set up cost for processing new member applications, which is due upon submission of the application. Membership renewals are processed on the member’s anniversary date. 

What kind of events does CouncilONE hold?

Monthly Meetings

Each group holds a monthly meeting (breakfast, lunch, or zoom) for its members and guests. At these meetings, members or guest experts present valuable, relevant information and lead discussions around current business interests, economic and regulatory changes, industry insights and trends, and resources to help our members increase their business acumen.

Social Events

Our groups host social events throughout the year to provide less structured opportunities to connect and collaborate with other members. Members of all groups are welcome to attend social events hosted by other groups. Most events are held at no additional cost to members.

Community Service

Most CouncilONE groups support local nonprofit organizations and organize community service events to serve and support these organizations. Members of all groups are welcome to attend community service events hosted by other groups.

Are there opportunities to get more involved in CouncilONE?

Yes! At the group level, there are opportunities to serve as the Group Leader, meeting host (conference room location), Membership Lead or Program Lead. Most of these positions are two-year commitments, so we are always looking for members to support the organization in one of these roles. Additionally, CouncilONE is interested in increasing its number of groups and requires committed leaders before launching a new group. 

At the organization level, the Board of Directors consists of both group leadership and members at large. Participation on the Board is a great way for members to support and provide vision to the organization as a whole. Board members serve for a minimum of two years and are assigned specific roles to help ensure the health and growth of the organization.

How does CouncilONE improve business conditions in the San Francisco Bay Area?

We believe that knowledgeable, well-informed professionals who are well connected to a broad pool of resources are well positioned to serve and improve business conditions for their clients. CouncilONE fosters these relationships, thereby raising the bar for the entire business environment in the Bay Area.

What is the structure of CouncilONE Advisors?

CouncilONE Advisors is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit “business league”. We are a professional association with a set of bylaws that provide for our governance. We are a member-driven organization with a Board of Directors that meets regularly to assess the needs of the members and ensure a high value experience for members and continued growth of the organization.