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CouncilONE is a collaborative forum for experienced advisors and consultants who want to Connect, Collaborate and Grow with other trusted professionals to provide a wide range of services and expertise to Bay Area businesses. Our members are highly knowledgeable in the areas of Accounting, Banking, Financial Services, Human Resources, Insurance, Marketing, Real Estate, Recruiting, Sales, Technology, and Legal Matters, and more.

As CouncilONE members, we share leads and refer business opportunities, but most of all, we network to build trusted relationships and serve our clients. For more information about CouncilONE, check out our About CouncilONE page.

What Our Members Are Saying...

Joanne is pleased to announce Digital Marketing Leader 10 Plus Brand, Inc. Won 28 Clutch Awards in 2023

Joanne Tan addresses important issues in this article  OpenAI, ChatGPT, Dali.E2 - the AI frenzy and the future of writers, artists, marketing, & human creativity

Rick Callaway looks at at how Online ordering, curbside delivery and sidewalk dining and drinking will continue to expose owners to liquor, auto, and cyber related liabilities.

Rolf Neuweiler shares how the Post Covid - 19 business world will see continued changes in digital transformation, DTC, platform model, brand building and digital marketing. 

JoAnne Tan offers insight into How Can a Brand Lead in the Competitive World of Technology?

James Wu shares insights on how companies need to view paid sick leave for employees who contract Covid 19:

Rolf Neuweiler addresses important changes companies need to make as a result of Covid-19:

James Wu provides important details about FFCRA sick leave and expanded FMLA: 

James Wu shares essential information that every California business owner needs to know about new 2020 employment laws:

Julia Holian shares useful insights about video interviewing:

Joanne Tan discusses the value of posting video blogs and written blogs:

Josh Cohen provides interesting (and entertaining) new details about the Supreme's court take on trademarks:

Joanne Tan shares insightful information about branding your company:

Do you know if you've outgrown your accounting system?

Why It's So Important To Back Up Your Data:

7 Effective Tips for Developing Your LinkedIn Profile:

Find Career Success By Viewing Your Job as a Stepping Stone:

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We have a mix of in-person and virtual meetings each month that makes connecting easy.

While adapting to the changes of the last couple of years, we learned a few things along the way. We can get together in person, AND found we could still offer valuable connections virtually, saving long commutes, and maximizing the ability to attend any of the 3 meetings over the month.

If your meeting happens to be over zoom, then you can use a more convenient time to meet in person to forge a deeper connection with individual members of the group.

Our group, program and membership leads have become experts in creating valuable networking opportunities across the board!